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[VIR] Moc Huong brings indigenous herbs to urban baths

[VIR] Moc Huong brings indigenous herbs to urban baths

Moc Huong company aims to research and develop the use of indigenous Vietnamese herbs in urban baths spaces in a natural, fresh, and authentic way.

Moc Huong chose to develop natural cosmetics products, aiming to create an ecosystem of bath products which are fresh, environmentally friendly, and ensure consumer health.

Moc Huong’s Castile is a natural liquid soap created from vegetable oils, alkalis, and essential oils. The soap contains preservatives, thickeners, and synthetic foaming agents, but it can foam well for a gel consistency and has a long shelf life.

Hoang Thi Thanh Huyen, CEO of Moc Huong said, "Most of our customers love natural soap bars because the soap can clean very quickly and does not dry out the skin. Our soap products are plant-based and environmentally friendly."

"In the long term, ordinary soap bars soften and atrophy quickly and are inconvenient for travel. To remedy these shortcomings, the Moc Huong team has developed a product that overcomes the weaknesses of ordinary soap bars.”

Moc Huong brings indigenous herbs to urban baths
Hoang Thi Thanh Huyen, founder and CEO of Moc Huong

Huyen said Moc Huong Castile liquid soap has been increasingly popular in the market.

In addition to the shower gel product, Moc Huong also develops an ecosystem of indigenous green products for the family's bathroom, especially for women, such as body oils, scrubs, skincare sets, herbal bath oils, and herbal shampoo, incubated.

Moc Huong focuses on the quality of natural cosmetics products, not quantity and speed of selling. It is an enterprise that always upholds respect for people, respect for natural ecosystems, and sustainable development.

Cosmetics with a national soul

Since ancient times, Vietnamese people have often used herbs and plants for bathing and sauna as a therapy to cleanse, steam for colds, remedy fatigue, and improve the body's resistance. Later, the industry developed to create countless convenient fast-moving consumer products, causing the traditional ingredients to be forgotten. Many types of shower gels, and modern shampoos under different designs and scents have become popular in the baths of Vietnam people, especially in urban areas.

The Moc Huong team also want to nurture the desire and breathe the national soul through ingredients and scents into their product conveniently and easily. Therefore, customers will find indigenous scents rarely found outside the market.

Moc Huong brings indigenous herbs to urban baths
Moc Huong products

Huyen still vividly remember a customer speaking with her over the phone: “Thanks to your products, I can feel the scent of childhood memories. I have had the opportunity to smell this scent again for the first time in a long time.”

Huyen said that scents, especially natural scents, have great power, stirring up frozen memories after many years.

“This is one of the motivations for me to believe in my mission, which is to become a pioneer in creating skincare and body care products that are plant-based and imbued with national identity,” she said.

Moc Huong products aim to serve modern young mothers who love traditional national values. “By using Moc Huong’s products, mothers can tell their children about their beautiful countryside. A good product not only has an attractive fragrance, but also creates a feeling of relaxation, peace of mind, good sleep, and love,” Huyen said

Unlike most other brands, Moc Huong company respects natural essential oil scents and does not use preservatives so that customers can enjoy the full therapeutic value of the oils used.

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